Artwork with Wood Frame

Revision One Frame
  • Category: Wood Frames
  • Series: Unibody Handmade
My Artwork with My Unibody Wood Frame

I had an idea to create frames for my artwork, based on my Art-o-mat work. Those pieces come with a handsome cardboard frame, because it's doable for the 50 piece minimum run required for Art-o-mat.

For my one-off and commission pieces, I wanted something unique and handmade by me.

So, I created a unibody, wood frame. Unibody, because the main part of the frame is cut from one solid piece of wood. I'm continually refining the design. This is revision 1, but I'm currently on revision 4, with rev 5 close behind.

If you have an Art-o-mat piece of mine, and you're interested in a unibody wood frame for it, contact me.